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History of English literature

From 1066 to 1400 ( also known as the medieval or the Anglo-Norman period)          It started by the invasion of the Normandy (French) to England. Because of the influence of the Norman culture many new types of literature appeared and it is started to be divided into two forms Verse (poetry) and Prose. This period is divided into two section, the first oneContinue reading “History of English literature”

History of English literature

Before 450 England was occupied by the Roman empire. From54&55 B.C to 450 A.D It was divided into many savage tribes who fought against each other and few of them revolt against Rome. The main tribes are the Celts and Gaels There is not much of literary works of that period. After 450 Britain was attacked by the GermanicContinue reading “History of English literature”

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